Customer Reviews


Imagine my joy finding Individually Unique having been diagnosed with severe arthritis.  I attend IU twice a week with my wife, I am now taking less pain relief and I feel I have my confidence back.  Individually Unique for me has the FGF - Feel Good Factor 

Jacky D

I love the atmosphere, I attend twice a week and know most of the other customers, they all know me and we have such a laugh.  It get's me out and motivated.  The staff are really good to me and help me use the Toning Tables and I feel great.

Linda D

I have had every vertebrae in my back broken and two rods put down my spine so exercise for me is nearly impossible.  Then I found the toning tables, I can exercise completely, my physiotherapist is really impressed with how far I have come.


I was referred through my osteopath to Individually Unique and have never looked back, my back has improved immensely.

Stella & Ron

We go to IU together, it's time we get to spend together and exercise and it's such a great atmosphere.


I had a full body massage, I have never experienced such a lovely massage, I felt so relaxed and it stopped my shoulder pain.